When you’re setting goals for yourself, trying to stick with them can be a little tough. Remind yourself every day that it can be done! With the willpower you hold in your mind, your body is able to accomplish many things you wouldn’t think possible. Motivation is the key when trying to move forward in life. Sometimes it’s tough to find, though.

Here are five ways to keep your motivation levels up!

1. Find incentives

Giving yourself something smaller to reach for as you work toward your ultimate goal is a great way to keep yourself moving. It implants the seed of “hard work = SUCCESS” into your psyche. Little rewards after a big workout or a hard day at work can give you the motivation to do it again, and that will eventually take you to the finish line.

2. Keep time

Anyone with a little experience in the matter knows that rushing and procrastinating is never the answer. If you’re getting ready for a big marathon or putting together an important presentation, give yourself enough time to perfect your work! A successful race is never accomplished in one go — it takes time and practice to get where you need to be. Avoiding the stress that comes with rushing through a project will help your brain avoid associating your tasks with negative emotions.

3. Good vibes

People tend to learn from the world around them. When you’re trying to accomplish something important to you, surround yourself with a positive, influential environment. Being around a bunch of Debbie Downers could rub off on you, just like hanging around the food court at the mall could mess with your new healthy eating habits. Going with the flow and absorbing positivity will help you maintain your focus and avoid distractions.

4. Push yourself

No one ever became better at something without pushing themselves just a little bit more each time they tried. While the common phrase “practice makes perfect” may haunt us and leave us without any noticeable results at first, it may be because it’s time to step up our game to the next level. If you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels, try going a step further – within reason, of course.

5. Remember why

Sometimes when we’re working our bodies hard and are feeling drained, we forget why we’re drenched in sweat in the first place. Keeping your goals in mind will keep you focused. There’s no point in pushing yourself unless you’re tuned into your goal. Psychology is a powerful force, which is why it’s so important to always remind yourself why you’re working so hard.

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