A lot of people don’t actually know what metabolism really is. Most of us believe it to be something in our body that causes us to gain weight easily, or the exact opposite. It’s the primary excuse for people feel that it’s their own body’s fault that they’re a little higher up in the weight department than they’re normally used to.

Metabolism is a process during which different hormones and enzymes work together to use the food you put into your body and turn it into fuel to keep you running, literally and figuratively. They also work to decipher how your body will use the incoming fuel and assign it for appropriate tasks. In easier terms, your metabolism finds the fuel from your food and burns the energy from calories, which allows you to move around and get through the day.

Everyone’s metabolism is different. A person’s metabolic rate is based on three key factors: body size, sex, and age. Beyond these initial factors, your metabolic rate is also a product of how you live. It’s impacted by how physically active you are on a daily basis, as well as what type of food you’re feeding yourself. If your body is putting in more work than the average couch potato, you’re going to need a lot more fuel, which means that your metabolism will have to be working at a much faster rate in order to keep your energy at top levels. Likewise, if you’re packing in empty calories rather than high protein-packed foods, your metabolism will be left to work with little to nothing for the day.

So how can we start boosting that “slow” metabolism of yours?

1. Be active and stay active.

Working out, even if it’s for 20 minutes at a time, will do so much to help accelerate your metabolic rate. Your body will need to burn more caloriesfor more energy. Remember that you’re going to need to fuel yourself with the right foods in order to keep moving at a healthy and productive pace.

2. Gain some muscle.

Body size is a key factor when it comes to how fast your metabolism is working. The size of your body or the amount of muscle you have generally influences how many calories you’re burning. More muscle means less room for fat!

3. Eat some foods rich in omega-3.

Getting some fish on your dinner plate will do wonders for your metabolism. Fish like salmon and tuna contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which work to regulate metabolic rates by balancing our blood sugar as well as reducing inflammation in our digestive areas. If you’re not really a fish person, try picking up omega-3 supplements.

4. Sip on green tea.

Studies have shown that green tea has the added benefit of speeding up metabolism. Have you ever wondered why so many weight loss products are utilize green tea and other similar supplements? WheatgrassLove uses the powers of green tea in our product Zeal O2. Green tea has the ability to burn calories due to its thermogenic properties, which means you’re burning calories as you’re drinking it.

5. Spice it up.

Spicy foods generally contain peppers, which have capsaicin in them. Capsaicin is a compound that can temporarily boost your metabolism while also suppressing the urge to overeat. Cayenne pepper is a common spice used in many meals, as well as in our weight loss supplement. Its unique ability comes from the heat generation the spice creates, which raises a person’s body temperature while they’re munching on those hot jalapenos and other spicy foods.

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