Ordering that large soda with your burger and fries might seem like a good idea at the time, but is that big, bubbly cup of sugar really going to be worth it in the long run? Many people know that soda isn’t good for their bodies but still drink it, while others have no idea how harmful soda can be, and still others who just don’t drink soda at all for their own reasons. Bottom line, “I’ll have a soda” is not the answer you should be giving anyone who is taking down your drink order.

While a cup of carbonation might pair up with greasy meals quite well, the number of cons that come along with it far outweighs the number of pros. The reason for most negative sentiment about soda comes from the ingredients. Sugar, sugar, and more sugar is hidden within the nutritional facts label on the side of the can of cola. High fructose corn syrup (artificial sugar), sweeteners (sugar), preservatives (more sugar), flavoring (sugar), fruit juice from concentrate (sugar) are all mixed together with caffeine and carbonated water to make that sweet beverage. What’s so bad about that, you ask?

1. Obesity

The consumption of sugary drinks like soda is a top contributor to obesity. Its simple math: all of those calories in one can of soda do not provide any nutrition to your body, but loads it with excessive sugar that turns into fat. Our bodies weren’t made to use the ingredients in soda to help us work or grow healthier. Our organs see no use for it except to store it along with all of the other processed foods you’ve consumed. The next time you’re reaching for that bottle of soda, consider the higher numbers on the scale.

2. Not so pearly whites

Soda is acidic and will often eventually lead to tooth decay and other problems for your mouth. When all of the chemicals in soda hit your teeth, it allows easy access for the soda to start the process of dissolving tooth enamel, which is your tooth’s natural protection. Soda and cavities go together better than peanut butter and jelly. When you consume soda on a regular basis, don’t be too surprised when your dentist tells you that there are a few new cavities in your mouth.

3. Diabetes

This cannot be stressed enough. You may not notice soda making big changes to your physical appearance, but the harm it does internally is far worse. Diabetes is a significant problem that haunts many lives, and it’s often self-inflicted. High blood sugar doesn’t sound too appealing, so why do so many people still reach for things that contain so much sugar? They’re not aware of how easy it is to increase your chances of getting diabetes simply from drinking a few cans of soda. It may seem a bit dramatic and over-exaggerated, but the research consistently shows that soda has a negative effect on people battling diabetes or at risk of getting diabetes. The younger a dependence on sugar starts, the more likely it is to cause lifelong health issues.

Soda and Obesity
This list may be short, but the information is powerful. These health issues are causing ripples in our society for people who care about the health of our population. Many schools are refusing to stock soda in vending machines because they know how detrimental it is to children’s health. Some cities are even passing taxes and ordinances on soda to discourage people from drinking too much. These are not meaningless acts. The general public is becoming more and more aware that soda causes more harm than good. If you’ve been thinking about cutting back or switching to a better drink alternative, now’s the time!

For more information about soda, consider our post on the dangers of diet soda. Just because it says “diet” on the label doesn’t make it better.

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