Who doesn’t love going out to eat? There’s a lot to love about picking up a quick bite to eat: no worrying about having the right ingredients, burning the food, or cleaning dishes afterwards. We all enjoy indulging in that gourmet meal cooked “fresh” and made with “love.” Notice the scare quotes around a few of those words? That’s because that isn’t the way those meals are really made. To the cooks in the back of the restaurant, your delicious order is just another meal number they have to whip out in a matter of minutes before you start complaining. Many restaurants and takeout places don’t put much consideration into where they source their ingredients – their primary concern is their bottom line. Unless they specify their food is locally sourced or organic, it’s most likely coming from a run-of-the-mill restaurant supply, which may not provide the freshest food. Unless they make it a clear priority in the dishes they choose to serve, customer health isn’t the top concern.

On a more positive note, wouldn’t it be great to crank out those delicious meals you constantly crave in your own kitchen? By preparing your own food, you have full control over how your food is being prepared and where each ingredient comes from. You may not have realized it until now, but you should be confident in what you’re eating at all times. You should be able to know how it’s benefiting your body, if it could harm your body, and if it’s really the freshest and best ingredient you could be using.

meal with friendsRecreating your favorite restaurant dishes isn’t as hard as you may think. Simply searching online recipes is the first step in kicking off a new culinary experience. The key is to stick with the simplest recipe and slowly add to it, maybe even swapping out ingredients for healthier alternatives. DIY websites like Pinterest are a top source when it comes to finding the perfect recipes for beginning, intermediate, and advanced home cooks.

Beyond becoming more knowledgeable about what you’re eating, you’ll also be able to have more control over portion sizes when you eat at home. Restaurants tend to give out larger portions for most meals. It may seem like a great deal because you’re getting more for your money, but overeating can be detrimental to your health. Consumers nowadays have a mixed sense their limits and proper portion control. We tend to order more than we need, eat more than what will satisfy us, and waste food that we leave on our plates. Eating at home is a perfect solution for taking control of your portions. You’ll be able to gauge how hungry you really are and what you’re able to eat in that sitting. Cooking your own meals at home will save money, keep you eating well, and keep food from being thrown away!

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