When it comes to wheatgrass, there’s a lot to learn. Hopeful about finding something a bit more interesting about the miracle grass, I decided to search one of the more unique websites I could think of, Pinterest. As I began typing “wheatgrass” into the little search box, suggestions immediately popped upon my screen. Wheatgrass, wheatgrass smoothie, wheatgrass shot, wheatgrass benefits, wheatgrass centerpiece, and even wheatgrass wedding! The last two were the most intriguing, or at least more unusual than the other. I proceeded to click on wheatgrass weddings because I was curious to see what the heck that was and why it was such a huge hit on Pinterest.

If you haven’t noticed yet, the popularity of wheatgrass is on the rise. Actually it has been in the spotlight for a while for many people, but to some, it’s the greatest and newest health trend to reach their fingertips. Other than being a wondrous health game changer, wheatgrass is becoming a popular plant in many other aspects, too.

From centerpieces to other trendy decorations placed in your living room, wheatgrass is being utilized in many new and edgy home decor ways. The natural decoration is elegant in a unique way that can only be described through one word: simple. Budget friendly, bright, and “green,” wheatgrass is able to complement a variety of themed rooms, whether that be modern, rustic, urban, or whatever else look you’re going for. The luscious green blades pointing up to the ceiling is so clean and fresh, it’ll remind you of open fields and sunshine. Keep in mind that wheatgrass is also great for cleansing the air. There are so many different reasons why people settle on wheatgrass as their accent piece of choice to accompany bookshelves and end tables, however, the verdict is in and the ruling is that wheatgrass is the new “it” thing to have. It looks good placed in wood, it looks great growing in glass, and it’s making its way up the charts just like those mason jars that everyone is trying to bring back. If you don’t have wheatgrass growing in your living room, you need to get with the program. It’s easy to take care of, it provides that much needed vibrant color, and you could end up consuming it later, too.

Now let’s get back to the most interesting concept I mentioned: wheatgrass weddings. If you’re gearing up for the big day, this upcoming trend may be of interest to you, so take notes! Let’s be real for a second and acknowledge the fact that everyone wants their wedding to be the greatest with the latest attractions. Having wheatgrass to keep your wedding green, literally and figuratively, is key on any budget. I bet you didn’t think that wheatgrass would be attending the wedding, but it’s made appearances as centerpieces, refreshments, place card holders, boutonnieres and other floral inspiration, cake decorations, and even food tower accents. How did this come about and who started the trend? Probably someone familiar with the benefits and attractiveness of wheatgrass, and now we can all reap the rewards for this creative decoration!

Whether you’re using it for your morning routine of wheatgrass shots, growing it in your home, or making it a part of your wedding, wheatgrass won’t disappoint. Jump on the wheatgrass train! I promise it’s life-changing, and who knows, maybe you’ll be one of the newest wheatgrass innovators. After all, here at WheatgrassLove, we successfully made wheatgrass taste like chocolate while increasing energy, helping you lose weight, and naturally enhancing your mood. Anything’s possible!

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